Telecom and VoIP Tax Rates

    Having the correct, up-to-date tax rates is critical to a business as they calculate tax on their various transactions.  This can be a challenging process for a multistate business, as there are thousands of jurisdictions to track.  A single out-of-date rate can drive inaccurate tax collection and negative assessments in future audits.  Because rates are a moving target, tied to ever-changing rules and taxability, companies need to make sure their tax matrices are as current as they can be…minimizing the risk that taxes are under-collected.  After all, jurisdictions expect full tax payment, regardless of what you collected from your customers.

    TaxConnex can provide you the tax rates that you can use in managing your own calculation process.  Or ask us to manage the calculations for you.  Just send us your billing information and we’ll determine the tax due on invoices and send you a file back for billing purposes.  The choice is yours.  TaxConnex can also advise you on the appropriate way to apply the taxes, and where/when the rates are not applicable in particular states or jurisdictions.

    Tax rates are the building block of successful sales tax implementation and compliance.  Let the experts at TaxConnex connect your tax strategy, your tax rates, and your business operations in a way that allows you to properly manage your sales and use tax risk.