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Sales Tax Outsourcing is Mainstream

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by all the new rules governing sales tax collection?  Why not outsource your problems?  Sales tax outsourcing is becoming more and more common among companies that simply do not want to invest the resources in...

The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Sales & Use Tax

Like self-driving cars, some things are best not 100% automated - sales and use tax is one of those things. 

In OPPORTUNITY IN COMPLEXITY, THE RAPIDLY CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF SALES & USE TAX, as seen in the latest supplement from Accounting Today,...

Sales Tax Outsourcing vs. Return Prep Outsourcing

As sales tax outsourcing has grown in popularity, I sometimes see situations where the “service provider” (I use that term loosely as these are generally software firms that try to provide service) is misaligned with the requirements of the...

Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing


Service Vs. Technology

Be afraid of a sales tax compliance solution that promises “easy” and “push button simplicity”.  Because of the complexities surrounding sales tax compliance, business owners and finance leaders want to hear there’s an easy answer to automate...

TaxConnex's Robert Dumas in Accounting Today

Like self-driving cars, some things are best not 100% automated - sales and use tax is one of those things.  As seen in the latest supplement from Accounting Today, TaxConnex’s Managing Partner, Robert Dumas explains the importance of working...

You Get What You Pay For

One of our biggest challenges as a business is trying to educate our market.  You have read this before in my blogs, but there are tremendous misunderstandings about transactions tax and what it requires to stay in compliance with the laws.  

Sales Tax Outsourcing- Address The Mess

My blog today is inspired by a sermon series from our Church.  The series is called “Address the Mess”.  The series addresses, in part, our unwillingness to recognize and fix the messes in our lives – most of which are self-created.  This reminded...

Managing Your Outsource Transition

Ensure solid execution of your outsourcing transition by managing common challenges.


What’s Wrong with Your Sales Tax Outsourcing Service?

In the last 15 years, I have worked with two different sales tax outsourcing service firms. One we built to be a return preparation firm and the other (TaxConnex) we have built as an outsourced sales tax department.