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Sales Tax Outsourcing is Mainstream

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by all the new rules governing sales tax collection?  Why not outsource your problems?  Sales tax outsourcing is becoming more and more common among companies that simply do not want to invest the resources in...

Sales and Use Tax Compliance - Deadlines, Deadlines and More Deadlines

'Tis the season…and it never seems to end. We have been communicating with many CPA firms during the month of August regarding numerous client issues and partnering opportunities. Almost without exception, the firms we contacted indicated they...

Top 6 File Formatting Tips for Processing Your Sales Tax Returns

Sales and use tax compliance can be a tricky business and your data is a critical part of the process. Last month I wrote about the importance of establishing an effective data management plan as part of your overall sales tax compliance...

The Final Countdown

In the words of the popular 80’s band, Europe: It’s the final countdown!!!

Okay, we actually have about 139 days until the end of the year, however, when you are in sales and use tax compliance, the days and the months go by in a blink of an eye!

Sales Tax VS Income Tax… You Wouldn’t Have A Heart Surgeon Operate on Your Brain!

This time of year many of us who work in the accounting field, and especially tax, inevitably get asked by neighbors, friends, and even strangers - at barbecues, cocktail parties and ball games – “Oh, you work in tax! Must be a busy time for...

A Bogus Notice?

It looks like the “bogus notice” is making a comeback!

Amazon Law Showdown or Amazon Law Negotiation?

For those of us that follow sales and use tax, I find the Amazon response to state "Amazon Laws" to be one of the most fascinating business stories in ages.

General Sales Tax Collections Reach an All-Time High

Sales Tax Outsourcing Race Heats Up

The sales tax outsourcing market has matured over the last few years.  When I started in the industry back in 2001, there was minimal competition.  The industry was dominated by one large player, a couple of public accounting firms, and some...

Telecom Tax - There's No Substitute for Experience

There are very few sales tax services that focus on telecom tax compliance.  I’ve seen a lot of interest from this segment of the market recently – not only with VoIP providers but with established telco’s.  I think this is mainly due to the...