Because it’s not really a complete solution if you’re on your own for all the hard parts.

Great news. You finally got the latest, all-in-one, cloud-based, one-click solution to handle your sales tax.

Now all you have left to do is reformat all of last year’s data before they’ll import it. And make sure you’ve completed registrations and renewals in 17 states. And carefully comb through every return to make sure there aren’t any errors. And cross your fingers and hope that they will submit everything on time. They said this would simplify everything. Maybe it does for them. But it sure isn’t making your life much simpler.

With TaxConnex, you get all the backup – From keeping up with ever-changing tax regulations to actually sending in the payments, now you’ve got someone who will do it all for you, and do it right.

For example:

  • Eliminate tedious setups, since all you have to do is send us your data (in any format) and we’ll take it from there
  • Get a tailored approach from an expert who will figure out what works best for you, instead of trying to figure out how to make a generic tax tool work for your business
  • Work with a true all-in-one sales tax partner who does everything from data entry to remittance – and doesn’t charge you extra for it
  • Say goodbye to 1-800-HELP-DESK and say hello to white-glove service from a tax pro directly assigned to your account

Only TaxConnex delivers all the know-how, all the backup, and none of the risk. Whatever your sales tax obligations, with TaxConnex, now it’s all on us.

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