Sales and use tax audits can represent a significant distraction to a small or medium sized business owner or to a larger corporate tax department with limited resources.  Pulling paperwork for the auditor, managing the audit, answering the auditor’s questions, and negotiating an outcome can be time consuming at best and risky at worst.

Having TaxConnex act as the intermediary for your client provides several benefits:

  • TaxConnex will conduct a pre-audit review of your systems and processes to identify any gaps or risk factors.
  • We will control what information gets shared with the auditor.  “Let me get with my client and get back to you on that” is a perfectly acceptable answer.
  • TaxConnex will advise your client as to where to push back and where to compromise.
  • We will help determine the best audit approach – whether it’s a block or sampling approach.

Additionally, you may want to manage the audit through your firm and leverage TaxConnex to support your process.  In this scenario, we can be a second set of eyes on any correspondence or auditor’s assessment.  If there’s a tricky taxing question with some ambiguity, why not call on the expert?

TaxConnex Partners use their years of experience and relationships to support your client’s sales and use tax audit(s).  For additional information or immediate help, contact one of our sales and use tax experts or download our white paper, “Tips to Survive a Sales Tax Audit”.

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