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New York Based VoIP Provider Facing Unexpected Audit

Picture this … you're a VoIP service provider in New York.

Being in the telecommunications industry, you assume you only need to charge sales tax in your home state, right? Wrong.


An audit of a customer reveals that you aren't charging sales tax like you should be.  

In this industry, nexus is created by leveraging the infrastructure within a state to deliver your service -- regardless of whether you own the infrastructure or not. Nexus is assumed wherever you have customers, which extends way beyond New York. Management decides to prevent future non-compliance. Unfortunately, some penalties are unavoidable, but the problem has been identified and it's time to move forward. 


So, you turn to TaxConnex.

We provide expertise, as well as a high level of focus and attention that your business deserves. We answer all your questions, and when you stop asking questions, we're still actively communicating with you about your data. 


Now, you can get back to business without worrying about future audits.

And you have a dedicated sales tax expert assigned to your account who’s on-call to answer any questions, and who really feels like an extension of your own team. That’s what happens when it’s all on us.

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