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Wisconsin Announces Oct. 1 to Begin Internet Sales Tax Collection

Moving fast, Wisconsin is one of the first states in the US set to require out-of-state businesses to collect sales tax.  Wisconsin's levy begins Oct. 1.  The US Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. has provided states the option...

Sales Tax News - January 8, 2018

City Council Approves Referendum to Raise Sales Tax Rate

Sturgeon Bay City Council in Wisconsin voted to approve a referendum to raise the sales tax within the city by .5 percent.  The referendum would show up on a spring election in April.  The...

Tax Rate Increases Effective Jan 1, 2018

New Sales Tax Goes Into Effect in Stearns County, Minnesota

An additional quarter percent sales tax started being collected on January 1st in Stearns County, Minnesota.  The new sales tax will go towards the funding of road construction projects in...

Sales Tax News - September 7, 2017

Tax Increase Fails for Walker County

A proposed tax increase that could have helped keep the county out of bankruptcy failed Tuesday.  52% of the county voted against the measure.  The county now faces filing bankruptcy for the first time in its 193...

Sales Tax News - August 18, 2017

More sales tax rate increases on the horizon and Wisconsin looks to cut taxes to attract business.


Kingman, AZ

Mohave County Superior Court Judge Charles Gurtler would like the city to extend its current sales tax one more year.  The city's tax of...