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California Prohibits Public Utility Commission from Regulating VoIP

At TaxConnex, we provide VoIP Tax outsourcing services to many of our clients.  We follow the VoIP/Telecom space with interest as IP based services continue to replace the PSTN.

TaxConnex, LLC and The CommLaw Group Deliver Telecom Tax Presentation to the Cloud Communications Alliance

Leading telecom tax and regulatory firms, TaxConnex and The CommLaw Group, recently presented to members of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA).  The presentation focused on the tax and regulatory hurdles facing Cloud Communications service...

VoIP Taxes – You Can Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Earlier this week I talked with a firm that audits telecommunications bills looking for over charges on the invoices from the service providers to the customer.  We lamented the fact that we never see telecom service providers apply the same taxes...

VoIP Taxes for VoIP Start-Ups

If you’re in the process of launching a VoIP service, the tax and regulatory compliance requirements can be daunting.  There’s a myriad of taxes and fees across the country.  You may be curious as to the distinction between taxes and fees in this...

TaxConnex to Present at ISPAmerica 2012 Tax Compliance VoIP Workshop

(PRWEB) TaxConnex, America’s leading independent provider of sales and use tax outsourcing services, invites Telecom and VoIP service providers to meet and hear TaxConnex’s Founding Partner, Robert Dumas, CPA at the ISP America conference.  Robert...

VoIP Taxes and a VoIP Tax Guidebook

There are few days where I don’t speak with a new VoIP service provider who is concerned about VoIP taxes.   I get calls from current telecom service providers, internet service providers, cable operators, and even technology/systems integrators.  

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