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Utah's Silent Crackdown Could Mean More Online Taxes to Come

Last week, it was reported that Utah is making a move towards collecting sales taxes for online purchases for the first time.

While no bills have cleared the state's legislature thus far, the state's tax commission has moved to make a series of...

Sales Tax News - April 11, 2018

Salt Lake City Seeks Input From Residents About Higher Taxes

Salt Lake City will soon decide on a half-penny sales tax increase, but the city is asking for input from residents about raising taxes further.  The sales tax increase could add $33...

Sales Tax News - February 23, 2018

Long-Term Sales Tax Increase Vetoed

In Louisiana, consumers face one of the highest combined state and local sales tax rates of 10%+.  This is higher than any other state in the country, a record the Louisiana governor hopes to shake loose by...

Will Utah Tax Groceries or Not?

Utah: To Eliminate Sales Tax on Food or Not?

Recently, Utah Lawmakers have considered eliminating sales tax on food.  The state's Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee has several lawmakers currently pushing to get rid of food taxes, which is...