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Sales Tax News - November 5, 2018

Sales Tax From Restaurants Generate Huge Revenue for Waco

Nine new restaurants have opened their doors in Waco, Texas over the past year.  There are now 119 full-service eateries in the city.  That number is up from 110 in October of last year...

Sales Tax News - October 30, 2018

911 Sales Tax in Lincoln Expires

A quarter-cent voter-approved sales tax ended on Monday in Lincoln.  The sales tax raised $38.14 million for the city's new emergency radio system and new fire stations.  The sales tax was approved in April 2015...

Sales Tax News - October 19, 2018

Sales Taxes Not Going to NC Technical College

Texas Sales Tax Amnesty Begins May 1

As first announced last December by Comptroller of Public Accounts Glenn Hegar, the Texas Tax Amnesty Program will begin Tuesday, May 1, 2018.  The program offers a limited opportunity to certain delinquent taxpayers to bring their tax accounts...

Sales Tax News - February 19, 2018

Tucson Considers Sales Taxes To Fix Local Roads

Sales Tax News - January 31, 2018

Midland Sees Seventh Straight Month of Positive Sales Tax Collections

Sales Tax News - January 8, 2018

City Council Approves Referendum to Raise Sales Tax Rate

Sales Tax News - December 22, 2017

Oklahoma Town Considering Sales Tax Election

Voters in Texas Reject Sales Tax Increase

Bastrop County, TX

Texas Is Doing Sales Tax Right

Texas Is Doing Sales Tax Right

The State of Texas is trending strong with robust sales tax collections being reported from one city after another.  This, in spite of the fact that some of these cities suffered a hit from Hurricane Harvey.  Take a...