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Sales and Use and Telecom Tax....Oh My!

After making a career in multi-state corporate sales and use tax, I am still amazed at how complicated this industry is.  As if understanding the concept of sales and use tax isn’t difficult enough, throw in seller’s use, gross receipts,...

ITU meeting - less about Telecom Tax, more about control

A focus of our practice is telecom tax, so we couldn’t help but be intrigued by the events of the International Telecommunications Union, which recently concluded in Dubai.  

VoIP Tax, Control and the ITU

The International Telecommunications Union’s World Conference opened in Dubai yesterday.  The purpose of the meeting is to review telecom regulations created in 1988.  This includes regulations on the internet.

California Prohibits Public Utility Commission from Regulating VoIP

At TaxConnex, we provide VoIP Tax outsourcing services to many of our clients.  We follow the VoIP/Telecom space with interest as IP based services continue to replace the PSTN.

TaxConnex, LLC and The CommLaw Group Deliver Telecom Tax Presentation to the Cloud Communications Alliance

Leading telecom tax and regulatory firms, TaxConnex and The CommLaw Group, recently presented to members of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA).  The presentation focused on the tax and regulatory hurdles facing Cloud Communications service...

Will the UN create a new VoIP Tax?

Have you been following the stories about the UN's desire to gain more control of the internet from the US?  If you are a VoIP provider and are interested in VoIP tax (telecom tax), then maybe you should.

Telecom Taxes for VoIP Providers

Most days I talk with at least one company that’s preparing to launch a VoIP service.  Various platform providers have made it simple to deliver the service; however, the various sales and telecom taxes (not to mention the regulatory requirements)...

TaxConnex to Present at ISPAmerica 2012 Tax Compliance VoIP Workshop

(PRWEB) TaxConnex, America’s leading independent provider of sales and use tax outsourcing services, invites Telecom and VoIP service providers to meet and hear TaxConnex’s Founding Partner, Robert Dumas, CPA at the ISP America conference.  Robert...

Telecom Tax Calculation Just Got Easier

One of TaxConnex’s business partners recently launched a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution aimed at calculating telecom taxes and VoIP taxes.  The newly launched CCH CorpSystem SureTax Telecom solution provides a real-time, web-based tax...

Telecom Tax - There's No Substitute for Experience

There are very few sales tax services that focus on telecom tax compliance.  I’ve seen a lot of interest from this segment of the market recently – not only with VoIP providers but with established telco’s.  I think this is mainly due to the...