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Beaufort County's New 1% Tax Will Soon Be Put to Work on New Projects

Approximately 58% of the 65,000 voting-aged residents of Beaufort County, South Carolina have approved a 1% sales tax rate hike within the county, which will go far in helping raise some much-needed funds to help the county take on new projects. ...

Sales Tax News - December 13, 2017

Williamson County, TN

Sales Tax News - December 8, 2017

North Myrtle Beach to Hold Referendum on a New Sales Tax

Amazon Collecting Sales Tax for Third Party Sellers?

At a time when many states are trying to offer tax breaks to Amazon to host the company's new headquarters, the state of South Carolina is instead trying to collect more taxes from the online retail giant by forcing them to collect sales tax for...

Put Up Your Dukes - South Carolina vs. Online Shopping

I'm predicting this week's breaking news of the State of South Carolina officially filing suit against global Internet giant Amazon for a reported amount of $500 million will precede major increases in online sales during the onset of the 2017...

How Did the Recent Election Affect Sales Taxes?

Manhattan, Kansas

How Much Does a One Penny Sales Tax Increase Cost?

Des Moines Considering a Sales Tax Increase

Des Moines has approved $62,000 for a phone survey to explore the idea of adding a one cent sales tax in Polk County.  The county is one of few in Iowa without such a tax.  A lobbying firm will be paid...

Sales Tax News - August 21, 2017

South Carolina considers taxing prescription drugs while an Alaskan Mayor looks to eliminate a sales tax cap.