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Amazon Sales Tax Collections Set to Begin in Georgia in September

At TaxConnex, we've been following the saga of Amazon and Georgia sales tax collection with special interest. We expected some "quid pro quo" where Amazon would agree to begin collection in exchange for an incentive of some sort.  But, that doesn't...

Amazon Law Showdown or Amazon Law Negotiation?

For those of us that follow sales and use tax, I find the Amazon response to state "Amazon Laws" to be one of the most fascinating business stories in ages.

Is an Amazon Law Showdown Coming to Georgia?

Georgia's new "Amazon Law" went into effect on January 1, requiring certain online retailers to collect and remit sales tax for online sales.  But, according to an article in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution (AJC), three weeks into the new year,...

Georgia Sales Tax

As of August 1, 2011 Georgia became a full member of the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement (“SSTA”).  Georgia has been an associate member since January 1, 2011.  As a full member of the SSTA, Georgia (and every other full member state) is poised to...