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Heart of Dixie Announces Amnesty

Doing business in the Yellowhammer state?  If so, pay close attention! 

The State of Alabama has announced the launch of their 2016 Tax Amnesty Program running June 30, 2016 – August 30, 2016. 

The amnesty program will apply to most taxes...

Massachusetts Announces Wicked Relief!

Just before the end of 1st quarter, Massachusetts Department of Revenue announced their Tax Amnesty program for 2016, which will be open to all businesses needing to catch up on back taxes, save on typically assessed penalties, and benefit from a...

Amnesty Anyone?


Texas Sales Tax Amnesty

Texas' amnestry program begins tomorrow, June 12, 2012.  The amnestry program covers sales tax, franchise tax, and other state and local taxes or fees administered by the Comptroller's office, except Public Utility Commission gross receipts...

Stepping Through Sales Tax Nexus

It seems as if everyone is looking for a simple answer or an easy fix these days.  Determining sales tax nexus is no different.  Understanding the general concept is quite simple but applying it to your unique situation is where the difficulty...

Washington Sales Tax Amnesty - A Carrot This Time

What's the Best Way to Resolve Sales Tax Risk?

Sales Tax Rate Increase vs. Sales Tax Amnesty

Sales Tax Amnesty - A Carrot or a Stick?

Throughout 2010, I’ve noticed an abundance of sales tax amnesty programs being offered to businesses.  Before a business considers an amnesty program, there is work to be done.