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Governor Charlie Baker Wants More Discussions Around Massachusetts Sales Tax

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker was recently asked to elaborate on comments he made regarding the reduction of state sales tax while present at the Republican state convention.

What Massachusetts Can Gain from Taxing Marijuana

This past year, Massachusetts became the latest of few states that have decided to legalize marijuana.  Though the ship hasn't totally sailed on selling, it is no longer viewed as a crime and recreational smoking is legal.  With that said, the...

What's Your Favorite Cookie?

As states continue to struggle from declining sales tax collections some states are aggressively expanding the sales tax nexus definition beyond its physical presence requirements under Quill

Cookies Can Now Create Sales Tax Nexus

If your company engages in e-commerce, you have exposure to state sales tax nexus laws in any location where you do business.  Nexus rules change frequently.  Here is the latest news to keep you informed.