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Sales Tax News - July 31, 2017

Does your business have exposure to sales tax in multiple states?  Here are some of the latest news stories to keep you informed.

Will Internet Tax Freedom Act Expire in 8 Days?

Back in September, Congress passed a continuing resolution that pushed the expiration of the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) to December 11, 2014. It's been a fascinating lesson in politics to see what's happened over the previous eighteen months...

Sales Tax Nexus Lunch and Learn - Feed Your Mind

We’ve been conducting Lunch and Learns throughout the country over the last several months focused on sales tax nexus issues. We were last in Boston and we’re planning an event for the San Francisco – San Jose area right now. (BTW, if you have...

Marketplace Fairness Act and Drop Shipments

If passed, the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) aims to subject remote sellers to the sales tax collection obligations of a traditional, in-state seller.  More specifically, a business currently must have sales tax nexus in a state before that state...

General Sales Tax Collections Reach an All-Time High

Sales Tax Nexus and Federal Sales Tax Legislation

I’ve read a significant amount of information regarding three different pieces of Federal legislation that would grant states the right to force remote sellers to collect sales tax on sales to customers in their states.  If this Federal legislation...

Sales Tax Nexus and the Internet - Is Change Really Imminent?

This morning, I was reviewing various articles and blogs related to sales tax nexus and came across an old, (1997) yet interesting article written by J. William Gurley titled “Sales Tax and the Internet:  What’s Next with Nexus.”

Article 3 for the Sales Tax Guidebook

Some of you may have seen the latest installment in my Sales Tax Handbook series.  This most recent article focuses on three pending pieces of Federal legislation.  They include the Mainstreet Fairness Act, the Marketplace Equity Act, and the...