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Sales Tax News - November 5, 2018

Sales Tax From Restaurants Generate Huge Revenue for Waco

Nine new restaurants have opened their doors in Waco, Texas over the past year.  There are now 119 full-service eateries in the city.  That number is up from 110 in October of last year...

Colorado Town Eyes Sales Tax Increase for New Recreation Center

Residents of Grand Junction, Colorado, have been asking for a recreation center for years.  The city's leaders say they can have it -- but only if they approve a sales tax.  According to an article from KJCT8, the Grand Junction City Council...

Sales Tax News - August 27, 2018

New Sales Tax Includes Kentucky Non-Profits

Denver Looks to Raise Sales Tax for Mental Health Care

A Democrat state lawmaker and a group of health care advocates in Denver are looking to add a .25 percent sales tax increase that would help raise money for mental health care and substance abuse treatment within the city of Denver.  The health...

Sales Tax News - March 9, 2018

Booneville Sales Tax Receipt Nears $65,000

Colorado Locales Vote to Increase Sales Tax on Cannabis

Several cities and counties across Colorado have approved various sales taxes on marijuana during the elections in November.  Some areas of Colorado voted on the issue even though they do not yet have any dispensaries.  These new local taxes are...

Sales Tax News - November 20, 2017

Timnath, CO

Communities Raise Sales Taxes to Fund Schools

Voters in small communities are deciding whether to increase local sales tax rates to fund local schools.  Many times, schools are funded through property taxes but property taxes are not always enough to meet school budgets.  In these...