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Sales Tax Rates Increased in 11 Cities Across Los Angeles County

Eleven cities in Los Angeles County saw voters approve an increase in sales tax rates during recent elections.  The election results mirror a trend in the state that has resulted in significantly higher sales tax rates over the past few years.

Redwood City Seeks an Additional Sales Tax Increase

Redwood City, California will be asking voters for permission to increase the city's sales tax rate by another half of a cent today as residents hit the ballot boxes for Election Day.  The proposition will allow the city to raise their already...

Pasadena Plans To Give Schools A Portion Of Sales Tax Revenue

Voters in Pasadena, California will have two sales tax measures to consider on the upcoming November 6 ballot.  The first ballot measure will seek the permission of voters to increase the city's sales tax by 0.75 percent.  The second issue is...

Sacramento City Council Seeks Voter Approval For One-Cent Sales Tax Increase

A ballot measure added by the Sacramento City Council to the November ballot will seek voter approval for a one percent sales tax increase in the city to fund the maintenance of basic city services, and provide financing for economic and...

Sacramento Mayor Proposes Local Sales Tax Hike

Sacramento has had a half percent sales tax since 2012, but this tax is set to expire next year.  The mayor wants to not just replace it, but raise it to 1 percent and make the tax permanent.

California Anxious To Collect Hundreds Of Millions In Sales Tax Revenue Resulting From Recent Change In Federal Law

The state of California had already undertaken measures of their own to collect more sales tax from online retailers a few months before a recent ruling from the Supreme Court provided states with the authority to do so. 

Sacramento Sales Tax Seeks to Improve Impoverished Areas

The Sacramento Bee reported on June 7 that Sacramento is trying to pass a half-cent sales tax to improve the impoverished areas.  This increase would be in addition to the proposal to permanently extend the Measure U half-cent sales tax.

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