The same great service you’ve come to expect from our sales tax outsourcing service is now available through our Exemption Certificate Management service.

Maintaining current, valid exemption certificates is critical in managing your overall sales tax risk.  Under audit, an otherwise exempt sale will be deemed taxable without a current, valid exemption certificate.  Results from a sample of invoices can be extrapolated across the audit period and a few missing certificates can result in large assessments including penalties and interest.  Implementing a process to gather, validate and manage exemption certificates is necessary for many businesses.

With TaxConnex exemption certificate management service, you’re able to outsource the process and gain easy access to all your certificates online.

TaxConnex service includes the following:  

  • Scanning all paper certificates and hosting them electronically

  • Assistance in gathering certificates from current and previous customers as well as new customers prospectively

  • Reviewing the certificates for validity

  • Managing the expiration cycle; proactively identifying expiring certificates and notifying you, and your customer, of the need to update their exemption certificate


  • A Complete Solution: TaxConnex offers a complete exemption certificate solution including scanning and hosting all certificates, assistance in gathering certificates, certificate validation and expiration management.

  • Personalized, professional service: You will work with an experienced, professional level resource that is tuned-in to your business.

  • Flexible Client Engagements:  Your service will be tailored to your individual and unique requirements instead of being forced into an inflexible, standard process.

  • Timely, Responsive Communication:  Your Practitioner is always available to discuss your exemption certificate concerns.

  • Transparency: You will have access to a secure web portal where you can view images of exemption certificates, download them, and print them if necessary.


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