CPA and Professional Partners

    Strengthen your client relationships with our sales and use tax focused service

    Each year, clients of local and regional CPA firms hire sales tax specialists, such as TaxConnex, to help them identify, quantify and minimize sales and use tax risk areas that impact their business.  We know this because every client we serve has a CPA firm that provides them with other tax and accounting services.  When your client uses another provider to meet their sales and use tax needs, your firm risks losing the client relationship and misses a revenue opportunity.

    Through our CPA Advantage Program, TaxConnex enables you to address your clients’ needs for sales and use tax services, maintain the client relationship, and increase your billings.  You can either hire TaxConnex as a subcontractor to an engagement with your client while you manage the overall relationship or ask us to engage directly with your client.  It’s up to you.

    Learn more about our CPA Advantage Program or take a look at some of the services we provide: