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End-to-End Sales Tax Compliance



The Complete Solution You've Been Looking For

Breakthrough the confusion of sales tax with a fully end-to-end sales tax compliance solution for your business.  With the combined expertise of TaxConnex and CereTax, you get your entire process managed by sales tax professionals, from start to finish. 

Whether you're just starting out or have been managing a sales tax obligation for years, having a real sales tax expert available to ask your questions to is irreplaceable. Our consulting services help you understand your exact obligations and give you a diagnostic approach to managing your sales tax to ensure you make the right steps for your business to minimize your risk. 
You need a modern sales tax platform that not only adds the correct rates to your invoices but also has the dependability and scalability to help you at every stage of your business growth. With CereTax's sophisticated, but easy-to-use rules engine and transparency to self-service in the platform itself,  you have all that plus unbeatable support from a team of real tax experts.
Everyone tells you filing and remittance is the easiest part of managing your obligations, but  it's much more than filing a return and sending in a payment. Filing deadlines aren't static and payments and regulations change just as often as nexus and taxability. Plus, who do you turn to when something changes or goes wrong, by allowing the experts to manage it you have assurance you're taken care of. 

Ready to Get Started?

Managing a complex sales tax obligation on your own, or a relying on a provider that doesn't actually take sales tax off your plate, can lead to a lot of stress and extra work.  With our end-to-end solution you get the expertise and support to completely remove the burden of managing your sales and use tax.  Fill out the form to learn more!


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Break-through the Noise of Other Providers with an End-to-End Service Provider Who Gives You:

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Real Sales Tax Expertise

When it comes to your sales tax compliance, you don't want just anyone managing your risk and lability.  TaxConnex and CereTax are both built by sales and use tax experts. No 1-800 numbers or off-shored support, we are real people who understand the nuances of sales and use tax and ensure you have the expertise to fully remove the burden of managing your compliance. 

Automation Where It Matters

Other providers will tell you that you can automate your full compliance process, that's not exactly true.  When you think automation, you assume you don't have to do anything, but when you automate the filing and reporting of sales and use tax, there are plenty of steps that get missed if someone isn't managing and updating the system.  Our end-to-end service offering gives you automation where it matters, getting the correct rates on your invoices no matter how complicated, but when it comes to managing the process and filing your returns, you have a dedicated practitioner managing the process and supporting you along the way. Less work for you, more accurate filings. 

Microsoft Certified Integrations

Easily access your sales tax data directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations through CereTax’s certified Microsoft integration. It’s easy to set up, works with native workflows, and provides comprehensive tax reporting directly within your ERP system. If your system requires customization, it offers a robust rules engine to meet your specific requirements with custom rules, bundles, allocations, and more.

Built to Scale

No matter how big (or small) your sales tax obligation is, we can manage it for you.  Our end-to-end compliance offering grows with your business.  From managing sales tax in a few states to an enterprise level business with obligations everywhere you do business, we have you covered. 

Dedicated Support

There's no ticketing system or waiting weeks to hear back about a tax rate or question on your compliance.  We provide dedicated support from end-to-end of your compliance journey, ensuring your sales tax obligations are accurate, filed on time and off your to-do list. 

Hassle Free Pricing

You shouldn't have to decode a price sheet to know what you're buying. We include a hassle-fee and transparent pricing model so you know exactly what you are paying for with no surprise fees or hoops to jump through to understand what your service is limited by.  Simple to understand pricing that just makes sense.