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Fast-growing telecom company looks to TaxConnex for complete sales tax support


The Challenge: 

Taxes imposed on telecom companies are some of the most cumbersome and complex of any industry. If not managed correctly, they could lead to heavy penalties and fines. That’s why this nationwide telecom company chose one of the Big Four to manage their tax compliance. They thought they were in good hands, but quickly realized they were spending more time overseeing the service and micromanaging the company than they were before they hired them. Additionally, too many notices were going unanswered, leaving them at risk for errors, penalties, and fees.

They decided it was time to make a change and were debating how to best manage the process internally. However, after a reorganization they didn’t have the bandwidth to give telecom tax compliance the appropriate time and expertise it needed. That’s when they turned to TaxConnex.


Why TaxConnex?

Responsive. Professional. Flexible

When faced with the decision to hire additional staff, reallocate workloads, or outsource, this national company decided outsourcing telecom tax was the right decision for them.

“As far as the amount of people it would take for us to have our own staff manage it all, it seemed like outsourcing (to TaxConnex) was the most efficient and economical way,” explained the telecom company’s Tax Accountant.

And so they started telecom audit outsourcing, allowing TaxConnex to manage everything they needed regarding telecom tax. TaxConnex was able to examine the company’s data and develop a process that minimizes the monthly time commitment including a detailed reconciliation report.



The Results:

TaxConnex has now been working for this company for almost five years to assist them in registering in appropriate jurisdictions, filing returns, remitting payments and managing any notices in a timely fashion. By utilizing TaxConnex’s expertise and experience in the telecom industry, TaxConnex has become an extension to the company’s accounting team and allows them to focus on their work and leave telecom tax to the experts.

“It’s all about teamwork; we have to work together to ensure we both have what we need to succeed, and we’ve had a very good working relationship,” explained the company Tax Accountant. “TaxConnex gives us guidance and they try to be proactive in getting the returns done on time. Most importantly, I don’t have to micromanage them like I did our previous company. This has allowed me to spend time where I needed to focus my time on.”



A rapidly growing telecommunications company powered by fiber-optics and new industry-leading technologies. Named one of top 10 largest telecommunication companies in the US offering telephone, broadband internet and television services across the nation.


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