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- Case Study -

Software developer choosing between technology and a service

Picture this … you're a software developer, providing software to clients nationwide.

You've chosen a popular sale tax software provider without realizing they can't assist with the knowledge required to comply with the vast array of sales and use tax laws and reporting requirements.


As your product offerings expand, so does the complexity of your compliance requirements. 

You quickly learn that while technology is effective at generating returns by statutory due dates, it can't solve for the changing sales tax requirements of a growing business. 


So, you turn to TaxConnex.

You keep a technology tool to help with tax calculation and leave the rest to us. We provide expertise, as well as a high level of focus and attention your business deserves. We answer all your questions, and when you stop asking questions, we're still actively communicating with you about your data. 


Now, you can focus on the day to day activities of your business.

And you have a dedicated sales tax expert assigned to your account who’s on-call to answer any questions, and who really feels like an extension of your own team. That’s what happens when it’s all on us.

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