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Satellite communications company over the moon after solving nexus woes


Picture this … you’re a leading global communications company that’s been providing high-speed satellite broadband services for more than three decades.

In that time, you’ve applied innovative satellite technologies to everything from in-flight Wi-Fi to military communications.


But, determining telecom nexus has been a huge challenge.

Because some of the jurisdictions you file in are very small, they don’t always have easy-to-access info about how to file. Your teams don’t have the time to dig into it. But the amount you’d have to pay someone at a big firm to handle it would be more than what you’d owe some jurisdictions.


So, you turn to TaxConnex.

We take over all the responsibility for your telecom sales tax, including determining where you have nexus. Our tax experts do the research to make sure you’re filing the right amount in the right place at the right time. We also provide you with customized reports to keep track of it all.


Now, you no longer have to worry about nexus, because you know it’s under control.

Your teams love the freedom. They can be as involved or as uninvolved in tax decisions as their schedules allow – and be confident that nothing will fall through the cracks. That’s what happens when it’s all on us.


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