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Sales Tax Nexus and Drop Shipments

TaxConnex held a webinar yesterday regarding sales tax nexus and drop shipments.   The webinar was organized into three topics:

  • sales tax nexus
  • new developments related to sales tax nexus – for example economic nexus and notification requirements,
  • ...

Sales Tax Compliance and Drop Shipments


Besides questions about sales tax nexus, how to exempt drop shipments from sales tax is the second most common question I hear. From the perspective of a retailer selling a product to a customer and having a manufacturer/distributor drop ship the...

Marketplace Fairness Act and Drop Shipments

If passed, the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) aims to subject remote sellers to the sales tax collection obligations of a traditional, in-state seller.  More specifically, a business currently must have sales tax nexus in a state before that state...