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    Exemption certificate risks and management webinar - April 25

    Posted by Jeff Meigs on Wed, Mar 21, 2012 @ 05:24 PM

    Join us for a webinar on Exemption Certificate Risks and Management

    The webinar will begin with an overview of the risks associated with poor exemption certificate management and conclude with a demonstration of TTS’s flagship product, CertCapture.

    “As a former state auditor in North Carolina, I can tell you that missing or invalid exemption certificates are an easy source of revenue,” says Jeff Meigs, TaxConnex Partner.  “I would always look at the exemptions claimed on the return and ask for documentation to substantiate the exemption.  If you can’t provide your exemption certificates and demonstrate they are complete and valid, then the transaction is taxable and you will be assessed the additional tax.  It’s that easy.  For the business, it means you have to have a well managed process to gather the certificate, validate it, and manage it over time.

    “Now more than ever, companies must take stock of all their exemption certificates by verifying that they are on file, organized, accurate and up-to-date,” adds Silvia Aguirre, TTS Principal and former State Auditor for Texas.  “That’s the benefit of our flagship product, CertCapture.  It enables businesses to manage the exemption certificate process, demonstrate compliance and avoid penalties.”

    The webinar is open to all businesses that are interested in exemption certificate management.  The webinar takes place April 25, 2 PM EDT.  More details can be found at TaxConnex Sales Tax Consulting Webinars.