Sales Tax Outsourcing

TaxConnex – Your Outsourced Sales and Use Tax Department

Sales and use tax compliance is a resource draining activity that requires specialized expertise. Many businesses outsource this activity to reduce their risk, gain access to sales and use tax experts, and reduce their costs as compared to hiring a full-time employee to manage sales and use tax.

With TaxConnex’s sales tax outsourcing service, you receive an off-premise sales tax employee.  We serve as your sales tax eyes and ears – guiding you, advising you, and making sure sales tax issues don’t sneak up on you.  Anything you would ask an employee to do related to sales tax, we do.

Sales tax compliance encompasses more than preparing and remitting sales tax returns.  There are decisions regarding your nexus footprint, the taxability of your products/services, whether or not you should register in a jurisdiction, and the accuracy of a customer’s exemption certificate.  And then there are those pesky audits that are a constant distraction.  Most sales tax outsourcing options do not address all of these areas.  Instead, they tend to focus on the preparation and filing process only.

TaxConnex’s service is delivered through our network of highly skilled, CPA-trained Practitioners.  For more information about how we deliver our Sales Tax Outsourcing Service, you can review our TaxConnex Difference.


  • A Complete Solution: TaxConnex offers a complete sales and use tax solution. Anything you would ask an employee to do related to sales tax, we do – nexus evaluation, taxability determination, audit assistance, exemption certificate management, registrations, return preparation and filing, etc.  It’s all in there.
  • Personalized, professional service: You will work with an experienced, professional level resource that is tuned-in to your business.
  • Flexible Client Engagements:  Your service will be tailored to your individual and unique requirements instead of being forced into an inflexible, standard process.
  • Timely, Responsive Communication:  Your Practitioner is your “On-Call Sales and Use Tax Department” that is always available to discuss your sales and use tax concerns.
  • Transparency: You will have access to a secure web portal where you can view images of returns, checks, work papers, and other important documentation.

See The TaxConnex Difference.