Navigating Sales/Use Tax Implication of Drop Shipments

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This webinar was originally given on January 8, 2020. The presenter is Jeff Meigs - TaxConnex

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What You’ll Learn in This Video

The Role of Sales Tax Nexus in Managing Drop Shipments

Gain a refresher on qualifying for nexus - it may seem out of place, but it is critical to understanding how to manage your drop shipments. 

Managing Drop Shipments

Whether as a manufacturer or a distributor, you have to navigate the associated sales/use tax resale exemption documentation requirements. We'll review the differences between exemptions and exclusions  and give you insight into how states administer resale exemptions within drop shipment scenarios.

Creating Your Exemption Certificate

Understand the differences in exemptions vs. exclusions. Also look at the different type of certificates and what is needed to create one. 

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