Understanding Regulatory Fees, Sales Taxes, and Cost Recovery Charges for Your Telecom or VoIP Business

Tuesday, May 12
2pm EST

Join TaxConnex and Inteserra for a joint webinar to help you gain an understanding of how to keep your telecom or VoIP business in compliance. We'll discuss the differences between regulatory fees, taxes and commission assessments while also evaluating what it takes to find the right solutions to help you remain compliant. 

Presented by: 

Robert Dumas - Founder and CEO, TaxConnex
Cory Garone - Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Inteserra

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Gain insight into the complicated world of tax and regulatory compliance for telecom & VoIP companies

Understand the differences between regulatory fees, taxes, and cost recovery charges

Setting up a telecom tax and regulatory compliance process to keep you out of hot water


2020/05/12 2:00 PM EST

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