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Managing Sales Tax in 2022

Wednesday, January 26
3pm EST

It's been over 3 years since the historic Wayfair decision, and sales tax somehow continues to become more challenging. Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, January 26, as we help you develop a clearer understanding of how to set up a process to remain sales tax compliant in 2022.

We'll cover: 

  • The business and operational activities that give rise to nexus
  • Steps to take to avoid or minimize unexpected sales tax liabilities and non-filing penalties
  • Methods and tools used to ensure proper tax application and calculation
  • Collection and reporting requirements in state and local jurisdictions
  • Factors to be considered in determining whether to outsource the compliance function
  • How to establish a “best in class” sales tax function that effectively and efficiently closes gaps in sales tax calculation, registration, collection, and reporting
  • Updates you need to be aware of as you head into 2022

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What You Can Expect to Learn From This Webinar

The various ways businesses create sales tax nexus 

Methods used for application, calculation, and filing returns 

How to implement a best in class compliance process 


2022/01/26 3:00 PM EST

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