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How to Best Leverage Technology in Your Sales Tax Compliance Process

Thursday, January 21
2pm EST

Maintaining sales tax compliance in any business isn’t an easy feat. There are many steps and nexus, tax rates and taxability rules seem to be ever changing. What can you do to simplify the process? Technology helps us in all aspects of our lives, so how can we utilize it to make sales tax more manageable?

Join us as a panel of experts from Thomson Reuters and TaxConnex discuss the complexities of maintaining sales tax compliance and how to best leverage technology throughout the process. We will cover: 

  • How technology can impact sales tax compliance

  • The areas of compliance that make the most sense to incorporate technology

  • The pros and cons of full automation versus leveraging technology

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Technology's impact on sales tax compliance

Which aspects of compliance where it makes sense to use tech

Benefits of full automation vs. leveraging tech for certain tasks


2021/1/21 2:00 PM EST

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