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Why You Should Outsource Your Sales Tax Compliance

Has your business been struggling to keep up with all the work needing to be done? Are you reeling from extra work due to layoffs or resignations you've yet to replace? You're certainly not the only one. Could outsourcing be your solution? Sales tax is time-consuming and complex, but is something that could easily be outsourced to alleviate time and energy. According to TaxConnex's survey of 100 top finance professionals, it could be time to outsource sales tax. Join us for a 30-minute webinar where we'll discuss the benefits of outsourced sales tax services.

Learning Objectives

Key takeaways from this webinar:

- Survey results and the worries of financial professionals

- Typical pain points companies face when it comes to sales tax compliance

- Reasons why outsourcing is so beneficial


- Brian Greer - TaxConnex

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Looking for more information on our survey of financial professionals and why it's the year to outsource? Check out our infographic!

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