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TaxConnex's Third Annual Sales Tax Survey: The Results

For the third year, TaxConnex enlisted the help of an outside research firm to conduct a survey of 100 top finance professionals, discussing their biggest concerns when it comes to sales tax. Results from this year continue to show that businesses are struggling to manage sales tax obligations in addition to workforce shortages and retention of internal expertise. Join us for a webinar sharing further results of the survey to give you insight into how others are managing sales tax and the issues faced.

Learning Objectives

Key takeaways from this webinar:

- Highlights from the 3rd annual sales tax survey

- If businesses have changed the way they are managing sales tax in 2022

- A special look into sales tax for ecommerce

- Top worries based on industry for financial professionals as they head into 2023


- Jeff Meigs & Brian Greer - TaxConnex


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