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Tax Talk with TaxConnex - Setting Up a Compliance Process to Manage Your Sales Tax Obligations

Sales tax is complex and it's not getting any easier. You don't know your sales tax obligations or you don't have a current sales tax process, and then you get the dreaded audit notification that is scary for most if they weren't managing their sales tax correctly. This webinar has TaxConnex, joined by CereTax, to talk about setting up a compliance process to manage your sales tax obligations when it is too much to handle on your own.


Key takeaways from this webinar:

- Discover how to determine where you have nexus

- Recognize the taxability of your products/services

- Setting up a calculation methodology

- Understanding the registration & filing/remittance process

- Reasons to outsource compliance


- Brian Greer - TaxConnex

- Brent Reeves - CereTax

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