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Strategically, sales tax compliance may not be widely understood, but it doesn’t have to be mysterious. Sales tax compliance is a process which balances risk and cost. Most companies can be 100% compliant (or nearly 100% compliant) provided they are willing to invest significant money. However, finance and accounting professionals recognize that investing $100 to solve a $10 compliance issue may not be the best investment. So, there are choices to be made.

solving the sales tax mystery
This five step approach is offered for finance and accounting professionals looking to return to sales tax compliance:

  • Identify sales tax nexus
  • Determine taxability of your products/services
  • Quantify the approximate level of historical sales tax exposure
  • Determine your strategy for coming into compliance
  • Implement your strategy

Solve the Mystery In 5 Easy Steps!
October 27th at 2 PM EDT
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