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Local Referendums Will Determine Sales Tax Increases

Sales Tax Increases to be Decided in Alaska and Local Elections

There are seven Alaska communities voting on sales tax increases in local elections on October 3. Talkeetna residents are voting to raise sales taxes by three percent to help fund the...

Sales Tax News - September 22, 2017

Santa Fe County Votes Down Proposed Sales Tax Increase

Voters in Santa Fe County, New Mexico rejected a proposed sales tax increase that would have raised money for public safety jobs and behavioral health services.  About 70% of Santa Fe voters...

Sales Tax News - August 16, 2017

Here's the latest on sales tax developments around the country:

Carthage, MO

Voters in Carthage, Missouri, approved on Tuesday a 2.75% sales tax on out-of-state purchases of vehicles, boats, trailers, and any other items requiring Missouri titles....