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TaxConnex Announces YouTube Channel Offering Insights for the Sales and Use Tax Community

Posted by Brian Greer on Thu, May 29, 2014
TaxConnex, LLC, America’s leading independent sales and use tax outsourcing and consulting firm, is proud to announce the launch of the TaxConnex YouTube Channel.  TaxConnex uses YouTube as a way to share information with the Sales and Use Tax community.  This includes commentary on white papers, webinars, instructional videos and more.

"TaxConnex uses YouTube as an outlet for our partners and practitioners to share their experience and give back to the Sales and Use Tax community ", explained Brian Greer, TaxConnex Partner. "Our videos are meant to be a value add to our clients as well as anyone that needs help in an area of sales and use tax."

TaxConnex prides itself in leveraging digital media to provide additional value to the Sales and Use Tax Community. “Our first video playlist is 'Five Steps to Sales Tax Compliance', said Robert Dumas, TaxConnex’s Founding Partner. “Daily, we receive calls related to this topic.  In this series, we have shared our point of view on the compliance process.  This complements our white paper  on the topic which provides more information.  If that’s not enough, we’re always just a phone call away.”

Visit TaxConnex’s YouTube channel at

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TaxConnex, “your outsourced sales tax department’, is America’s leading independent sales and use tax outsourcing and consulting firm. Using a team of experienced tax and accounting professionals, TaxConnex provides sales tax outsourcing, sales tax consulting and VoIP tax service to businesses of all sizes with a focus on technology companies, small and mid-sized businesses, and VoIP providers. TaxConnex provides a complete set of highly customer intimate services including end-to-end compliance, data analysis, remittance, reporting, notice resolution, question handling, proactive suggestions, straightforward advice, and audit support. TaxConnex is your “on-call” Sales & Use Tax Department.

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