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TaxConnex Invites Sales and Use Tax Professionals to Download TaxConnex's Executive Briefing: Marketplace Fairness Act

Posted by Brian Greer on Mon, Sep 30, 2013

ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

TaxConnex, America’s leading independent provider of sales and use tax outsourcing services, invites sales and use tax professionals to download TaxConnex's Executive Briefing: Marketplace Fairness Act.

As the Marketplace Fairness Act heads to the House of Representatives for approval, some sales and use tax professionals believe that the Marketplace Fairness Act applies only to internet sales. In fact, the act as currently written would require “all sellers not qualifying for a small-seller exception to collect and remit sales and use taxes with respect to remote sales.” The purpose of this Executive Briefing is to bring the facts of the Act to light.

Passed in the Spring by the Senate, the act moves to the House where the House Judiciary Committee has published seven principles for members to consider as benchmarks when considering the Marketplace Fairness Act. Those principles are included in the Executive Briefing.

“In May, the US Senate approved the Marketplace Fairness Act which, if it becomes law, will have sweeping affects on indirect tax,” states Brian Greer, TaxConnex Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing. “Many sales and use tax professionals that we work with still believe this act only affects internet sales. In fact, this act covers much more than just internet sales. This Executive Briefing provides the facts businesses need to understand the impact of the act on their business should it pass.”

Sections of this Executive Brief Include: 

  •     What is the Marketplace Fairness Act
  •     Background
  •     Simplification and Timing
  •     Issues with the Bill
  •     What You Can Do
  •     Full Text of the Bill
  •     The Seven Principles


The Executive Briefing is available at

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